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Latest Scuttlebutt

Historical Treasure right in your own backyard

If you love submarines, you need to pack up your family and visit the Wisconsin Maritime Museum, in Manitowoc, Wis. Parked on the Manitowoc River next to the Museum is the USS Cobia (SS-245), a WWII submarine restored back to its 1945 glory. This must see submarine, came to the Museum in 1970. After many years of research, restoration, and "elbow grease" it now is on the National Register of Historic Places. To celebrate the heroism and service of our nation's submarine force, watch for news about this year's 6th Annual Subfest, planned this year in conjunction with Manitowoc's 4th of July Celebration. Visit the Wisconsin Maritime Museum's website at for a schedule of events, and get your hotel reservations early! You will be amazed at all the history and treasurers awaiting you at this Museum.

Calling all qualified submarine sailors!

Come and join fellow sailors in support of today’s submarine force, to honor fellow sub sailors on eternal patrol and to relive your days aboard the subs with others who also cherish these memories.

The United States Submarine Veterans, Inc. (USSVI’s) USS Illinois Base, named after one of the Navy’s newest Virginia class submarines, is an interesting base. We are a new base (just two years old) that meets strategically on the border of Illinois and Wisconsin. We are one of 162 bases located throughout the country. This local USSVI serves veterans throughout northern Illinois and southwest Wisconsin. Don't let the name USS Illinois Base fool you. We are bi-state submarine veterans group serving one cause—to preserve the history and future of a strong submarine force.

Important Links

Official site of United States Submarine Veterans, Inc.

USS Illinois (SSN-786)
Official Facebook page for crew of submarine USS Illinois

USS Illinois
Website for the USS Illinois Commissioning Committee

Wisconsin Maritime Museum
Explore the nation’s most completely restored WWII Submarine. Visit the USS Cobia (SS-245) located in Manitowoc, WI, at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum.

Submarine Museums
Find a submarine memorial near you.

Naval History and Heritage Command
Official site of Naval History and Heritage Command. View the history of submarines and ships in facts and photos.

Hull Number
Looking for the names of former ship mates?'s mission is to provide a means for shipmates to keep in touch with one another.

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